How We Can Help You
At FirstCare Home Health, we establish a close working relationship with each of our patients.  We will provide a free consultation visit to your home or nursing facility at your request to give you more information about available services. We assess your medical needs as well as the assistance your family member needs to help you “get along” in your everyday life.

Once we plan a program of assistance that suits the patient’s lifestyle, we assign a Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager to coordinate your loved one’s care.  The Case Manager communicates the patient’s needs, concerns and plan of care with the aides on the team, skilled nurses that see them, any therapists that are involved, physicians and designated family members.  Case Managers will even go with their patients to doctor’s appointments to facilitate communication between doctor and patient, both so that the doctor gets a clear picture of the patient’s daily setting and so the patient can better understand what the doctor is telling them.

We aim to reassure and communicate with family members who cannot attend appointments with their loved ones.

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3901 Normal Blvd. Suite 102
Lincoln, NE 68506

FirstCare’s schedulers have been courteous and polite and the aides have been most cooperative. They have even helped me when I’ve been in a tight spot or been sick with certain health problems. I would highly recommend FirstCare to anyone considering home health care. The director, Cindy B., is the best administrator of home health agencies in the state. They take responsibility when there is a problem with one of the clients.
— William

Other agencies refused to tailor my care to my needs, dictating when I would have my skilled nursing visits and which hours I would sleep. I thought I had no choice until I found FirstCare. They asked me about my schedule instead of telling me what was convenient for their schedule. The fact that FirstCare has the staff and dedication to attempt to meet my needs separates them from every other agency in Lincoln... bar none!