Our Services
Post Surgery Care
Our trained medical professionals will help speed the patient’s recovery. From changing surgical dressings to dispensing medication on a regular schedule, we will ease your family member’s transition to your everyday life at home.
Skilled Nursing
In addition to serving patient needs through home visits, a registered nurse is available 24/7 to answer your questions over the phone. A nurse or home health aide can even assist the patient during the night if he or she requires around-the-clock care.
Home Health Aide
Our aides will help the patient bathe, visit the restroom, dress, and eat in order to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained and nutritional and dietary needs are met. They’ll even play cards with the patient and do his or her laundry.
Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists are on staff, not contracted, and receive ongoing education and certification to update their skills.
Occupational Therapy
We also provide occupational therapists specifically for patients who only require assistance to complete life’s necessary tasks, such as brushing one's teeth, combing one’s hair, or bathing.
Speech Therapy
Our speech experts will help patients swallow medicine or food, and are specially trained to improve the verbalization of words to enable patients to communicate with friends and loved ones.
Geriatric Patient Care
We routinely serve the daily needs of elderly patients who require assistance to perform routine bathing, cleaning, dressing, and meal preparation. Our skilled Nurses and Home Health Aides also prepare and administer medications for patients.
Cardiac Rehabilitation
FirstCare’s professionals are trained to monitor the progress of patients recovering from heart surgery or cardiac disease, and can perform the necessary blood work, medication, and physical therapy required to facilitate the patient’s recovery

Psychiatric Care
Our skilled Nurses and Home Health Aides can attend to the daily needs of patients with Alzheimer’s or other conditions that limit a person’s ability to function in a home environment alone.
I.V. Therapy

FirstCare ’s Nurses can also administer antibiotics through an I.V. in the patient’s home.

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3901 Normal Blvd. Suite 102
Lincoln, NE 68506

FirstCare’s schedulers have been courteous and polite and the aides have been most cooperative. They have even helped me when I’ve been in a tight spot or been sick with certain health problems. I would highly recommend FirstCare to anyone considering home health care. The director, Cindy B., is the best administrator of home health agencies in the state. They take responsibility when there is a problem with one of the clients.
— William

Other agencies refused to tailor my care to my needs, dictating when I would have my skilled nursing visits and which hours I would sleep. I thought I had no choice until I found FirstCare. They asked me about my schedule instead of telling me what was convenient for their schedule. The fact that FirstCare has the staff and dedication to attempt to meet my needs separates them from every other agency in Lincoln... bar none!